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Duo Clip Side Mount Clip for Dual- Triple- Monitor Experience; can serve as Tablet Stand and Smartphone Holder; Compatible with all Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops

24.50 $ 19.90 $


  • Unique solution that gives new dual- or triple- display computing experience
  • Increase your productivity and multitasking at home or on the go
  • Special inserts that grip and secure your devices
  • Simple, solid, small. Friendly for travelling
  • Can be used for side mount portable monitors (like ASUS MB169). Each portable monitor requires 2 Duo Clip items.

Product description

Duo Clip is a solid small and simple solution that close to as called Tablet Stand or Smartphone Holder and allows to side-mount your tablet or Smartphone to your laptop.

3d party apps (not included) that are easily accessible on the market will help to extend your computer monitor to the tablet. So your iPad or Android tablet will serve as the 2nd monitor for dual monitor computing (see 3rd Party Apps section below).

The product is also known as Side Mount Clip, Mountie Clip, Mountie iPad, Mountie Side-Mount Clip, iPad Stand and Smartphone Holder.

Compatibility: Compatible with all Tablets, Smartphones, Laptops, iPads, MacBooks, iPhones, iMacs and Other Devices (with screen size up to 10.3″ and the weight up to 1.7 lbs). You can side mount portable monitors (like ASUS MB169). Each portable monitor requires 2 Duo Clip items.

3d Party Applications: Can be used in combination with 3rd party apps (not included) to extend or mirror your PC or Mac display and truly enhance productivity while at home or on the go.

List of recommended applications for display extending or mirroring:

  • Avatron AirDisplay
  • Splashtop Xdisplay
  • Duetdisplay



  • Duo Clip extends 0.6″ from the edge of the mounted device and may block some of the screen.
  • Maximum thickness of the main screen and the mounted device added together should not exceed 0.8″ and not recommended for use with devices over 0.5″ thick.
  • Duo Clip is not recommended for using with devices which have protective cases on them.