Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser


The Most Compact Stands You Can Buy


What I love about these is there is no awkward stand to contend with. These take up no space on the desk and fold away to keep laptop flat.

When you swap an office desktop to a table set up from home, the effort comes harder to adjust the desktop screen to fit our eye level. It is not only for the perfect comfort, but also the people on video calls will appreciate the natural angle of the built-in webcam, too.

This is created to help raise your laptop up off the desk or table to a height that is more ergonomic for long-time usage. It helps boost airflow around your laptop to keep it cool, as well as providing a place to store accessories like an external keyboard and mouse.

Open Cooling Function

This has been designed with airflow in mind, reducing the likelihood that any laptop will overheat. Enhance air circulation and speed up heat dissipation. Do not take space to block laptop vents.

Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser
Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser

Small Thing Big Impact

Elevate your gadgets to a multi-purpose station with Laptop Stand Aluminum Riser for tablets, too! Discover angle up to 18 degree with 60mm height. Reach out your eyes-level for the best view experience.

One Stand, Countless Me-Time

Strong load-bearing, a stable support to place laptops and tablets. Provide you easy hands-free, perfect for you to have webinar, group calls, home fitness videos, office conference calls, and many more.

Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser
Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser

Silky and Shielded Design

Aluminum alloy creative bracket for all laptops and tablets constructed from heavy-duty aluminum. Secure holding up tablets and heavy laptop with a sleek, space gray finish to rounding-off modern workspace setup. 

Creative Size Design

Walking at the forefront of the trend, foldable laptops stand aluminum that takes up the narrow space. Work best with tablets or laptops between 10 and 15.6 inches. 

Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser
Oui Power Laptop Stand Aluminium Riser

Airy Accessories

Unlike the bulky laptops and tablets accessories in the market, this is lightweight as a mini wallet. It is safe for you to have screen time on the bed. 

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