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Material seems sturdy, the height is perfect for my table height. I do enjoy it and it encourages more of a straight back!
Johanthan Marvel

Aluminum Adjustment Laptop Stand was created to elevate your laptop for an optimal viewing experience. Whether your laptop runs Windows, MacOS or even Chrome OS, a stand can help improve posture and deny neck strain. The top of the display should be roughly in line with the eyes when sitting with a straight back, otherwise it could lead to neck stiffness.

Double Hinge

Constructed from solid alloy aluminium, Aluminum Adjustment Laptop Stand features a double hinge for you to set the most comfortable viewing experience. Stretch from 80mm to 270mm.

Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand
Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand

Wider Range Motion

Adjustable incline for screen and keyboard, we got you covered! Its 270-degree mount hinge and 180-degree base hinge effortlessly adjusts your gadget to the perfect height and angle, to ensure maximum comfort.

Compact Convenient

Do not just leave it on your desk, it can easily fold and collapse to fit in your laptop case to go anywhere. Fold it up after use, it can be stored well and space-save.

Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand
Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand

Triangle Stability

Apply a three-point suspension system that is supported on each edge. Each side and edge are as stable as any other. No need to worry about your laptop falling. 

Anti-Slip Mat

Supporting grips are finished in rubber to hold your laptop with no scratch or slip.

Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand
Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand

Unbreakable Design

Thickened chassis laptop stand is only 3mm with a solid shaft durable. Backing the heaviest laptop for the best comfort. 

Cooling Function

Hollow-carved design for the mat stand gives a space for the cooling function of laptop vents. Aluminum Adjustment Laptop Stand creates hollow heat dissipation, no more overheating laptop that is slowly working and hindering your performance. 

Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand
Oui Smart Aluminium Adjustment Laptop Stand

The Perfect Pair

The ageless design is silver, a perfect addition to your modern workspace. Compatible with almost all laptop sizes from 10 to 17.3 inches. 

Customer Reviews

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This laptop stand is great, at first I thought it was not so great. It was really hard to adjust the height but once I used it a few times it was great. It holds my laptop perfectly and is stable. I would highly recommend this item. I am so happy I bought it.


The product is exactly as promised. It is stable and sturdy and easy to use. It is compact and movable. I plan on purchasing a second one as a gift. I love the versatility and the sturdiness of it. I highly recommend this product.


I've been working from home now for nearly two years using a laptop provided by my employer. This stand raises my laptop to near eye level which decreases strain on my neck and back. It also angles the keyboard so there is less tension in my hands and wrists. I would purchase this again


It is a very attractive piece. It makes my laptop look more expensive and slick. It is sturdy and yet flexible enough to make adjustments that can hold on wherever you set it to.


This is exactly what I needed. The stand is very adjustable to fit your needs, but sturdy enough that I never have to worry about it slipping. I�ve used it for a few weeks now and have not seen any degradation.

My favorite part of this stand in particular is how thin the base plate is. It allows you to place all sorts of things beneath the laptop and optimize desk space usage.

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