Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand


The Unseen Best Laptop Stand


What I love about these is there is no awkward stand to contend with. These take up no space on the desk and fold away to keep laptop flat.
Raymond L

One Fly Away

Unlike other beefy and weighty laptop accessories on the market, this is just a single flip as lean as a coin. The single agenda is to attach the Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand to the bottom of your laptop, perfectly fit to your Macbook stand. Get ready to transform your laptop into a desktop or workstation anywhere to work remotely.

Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand
Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand

Everlasting Laptop Accessories

Timeless design of laptop accessories attached on the edge of your gadgets. That is black and silver crafted in zinc alloy. Universal for women and men, never looks oldish.

Healthy Move

Skip the muscle soreness and stiffness by having the proper screen positioning and inclined keyboard of the laptop. You will have NO more neck and shoulder diminished comfort because of crouching position for too long. 

Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand
Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand

Flexible Angles

Adjust the position of how inclination you want your laptop, you’ll get the different angles even better. The smallest pin on the edge of your laptop won’t block the laptop fan vent. 

Firm Attachment

The best laptop stand is constructed with aluminum PU material, lightweight yet sturdy. This allows you to support both laptops and tablets. Install rubber to dodge any scratches on the surface of your desk. 

Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand
Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand

Attach and Reattach

How lucky you have Oui Power’s plaster that is not only sturdy, but also easily detaches and leaves with no scratches or residue on your laptop edge. The unmatched adhesive material allows you to conveniently attach and detach it from your laptop. Re-attach with the same firm and strong effectiveness.

Welcome with Your Laptops and Tablets

Perfectly paired on laptops or tablets. Simply, rip off the protective film and attach to the backside of your laptop or tablet. Adjust the incline by a single flip. The proper setup adjusts your eye level, granted. 

Oui Power Shield Laptop Stand

Customer Reviews

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Christian Landolt

Sturdy and just the right height, I love them!


These are great stands. Aluminum construction for stability are just the right height to make typing so much better. Remember to set up placement and mark before you remove the adhesive. The fatter end should be facing towards the back of laptop with the skinnier end pointing to the front of the laptop. The legs should flip out towards the back, otherwise they are on incorrectly. Love these!


Look smart and fold up relatively shallow. Still fine with the laptop sleeve. The hinge is a good stiffness to and won't fold back in when typing away.
Would recommend.


Highly satisfied and recommend:
* The forgiving design allowed me to place them in a flat area without any issues noting the irregularly positioned raised docking anchors on the top of newer HP laptops.
* The angle is comfortable to write on, and not too sever to create wrist strain.


They are easy to install and collapse quickly. They serve many important tasks for me. Ventilation, correct my posture so I'm sitting up straight and not humped over, and most importantly for me, if there is an accidental spill, my computer will not be sitting in it.

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