Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder


Magnetic Phone and Tablet Holder


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What I love about these is there is no awkward stand to contend with. These take up no space on the desk and fold away to keep laptop flat.

Designed for your smartphone to mini tablets, this magnetically holds your gadget in place and even allows rotation by keeping the base on one spot. Attach easily to your desk, just in a second.

The Tiniest Accessories

Crafted in alloy aluminum with magnetic bar in thumb-size – it is extra lightweight! Weighing at only 5 grams. Firmly hold a phone or tablet in any size. Tick an iPad holder to the pro.

Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder
Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder

Multiple Scenario

Anchor holder was created not only for iPhone accessories but a cute keychain. Since this is tiny, it won’t be lost away. Hook this up on your hook bag, jacket, wallet, or keys. It’s hard to imagine a simpler phone holder design than this one, which also came in a hook zip bag.


You may not need Anchor Holder till you need a smartphone or tablet placed in the corner for a long time. Join an online seminar or get involved in a conference call with hands-free experience.

Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder
Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder

Immersively Stable

No foot at the bracket base attached, with no maximum jaw opening for smallest smartphone to largest tablet. Installation comes easier with magnetic adsorption. 

360 Rotation

Deliver you a user-friendly device applicable for horizontal and vertical use. Great for streaming favorite films, host live video, browsing experience, drawing on tablet, and many more. 

Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder
Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder

Tiny But Mighty

Made of vintage styled alloy in a classic anchor shape, will not scratch your phone. Excellent product that works really well even with thick cases. Constructed from solid heavy-duty aluminum alloy, Anchor Holder securely holds iPhone to iPad sizes with sleek, space gray finish to complement modern me-time space.

Portability and Ease Use

Holding down your gadgets for so long is a never-ending activity that causes strain in the hands. Grab Anchor Holder – Angle stability, non-slip, and firm holder. 

Oui Power Anchor Magnetic Phone Holder

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I did like the design of this phone holder and it worked with the phone case that I use.


The search is over this phone holder works fantastic and is easy to install.


This cell phone holder has been great. It is sturdy and the versatility to be able to place the phone vertical or horizontal is a plus.


I got this for my husband and he really likes using it no hands needed


After trying suction holders, vent holders, magnetic holders, clips, etc., this one stays put on the dash and holds the phone vertically. Thank you!

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