Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop


Second Screen for Laptop


What I love about these is there is no awkward stand to contend with. These take up no space on the desk and fold away to keep laptop flat.

Many of us have had to swap our usual desktop setups in the office for a personal laptop for working from home. While that might have meant we’re relying on just one screen to stay productive.

Multiple Monitor Display

Smartphone mounts, fixed clip on slip monitor of laptop or desktop monitor, smartphone stands, fitting for all kinds of flat computer display. Dual screen experience at the same time. Aluminum Extension Laptop can clamp tablet or smartphone to get multi-display computing experience, extend your screen, increase your productivity and multitasking at home , office or on the way.

Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop
Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop

Charging Enable

Aluminum extension laptop – extension screen for laptop with phone holder by Oui Smart. Crafted of high-quality aluminum alloy material that is durable and stable to use. Reserved charging port, support charging while using your smartphone. 

Multifunctional Bracket

Work efficiently with double screen interactive. No need to look down at the phone screen to check your chat while busy on your laptop. Pair them perfectly for a multi-screen computing experience. Expand the screen to help you work or study. 

Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop
Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop

Automatic Absorption

Featured metal suction for the smartphone to be next to the laptop screen. Designed with innovative technology, automatic adsorption. Gift magnet – complimentary two ferrite magnets for sticking the back of your smartphone. 


How lucky you have Oui Power’s plaster that is not only sturdy, but also easily detaches and leaves with no scratches or residue on your laptop edge. The unmatched adhesive material allows you to conveniently attach and detach it from your laptop. Re-attach with the same firm and strong effectiveness. 

Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop
Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop

Flexible Swing Contract Free

Good materials to decide everything, make your work-life experience even better. Shaped with aluminum alloy, frosted layer process, cylindrical magnet, non-slip cotton, sturdy metal shaft, and spiral drawing process. 


Universal compatible with iPhone and Android phones and iPad mini from 4-8 inches.  Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro Max /11 Pro/11/ XS Max/ XR/ X/Xr/6/6S/7/8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10/S10e/S10+/S9/S9+/S8/S8+/S7/S7 edge/S6 edge, Sumsang Note 9/8/7/5. LG, Huawei, Sony, Nexus.

Oui Power Aluminium Extension Laptop

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews

I love the way it looks (aluminium look) on my Macbook Pro. It looks fine and it's very convenient to hold my cell when working in several places in my home wherever I bring my Mac. Good buy.


Fills the need perfectly. The magnets are a bit weak for today's phones especially with a case but still happy to have this.


Purchased this for my niece who is in Med School, she often has to be on computer and phone at the same time, and this will work awesome.


This is perfect for holding my phone easily visible on my laptop. And easy chating at the same time. Easy to install and lightweight.


Easy to use and effective. Very study hold

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